COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) – 3/13/2020

Dear MATV/UMA community

At this time of great uncertainty and disruption, we see our role, more than ever, to be a provider of information and a connector for the community. We will continue to play that role, using the tools and resources at our disposal.

At the same time, concern for the physical safety of our staff, members and public is foremost. With that in mind, we have made the decision to close the facility to the public, members, interns, and all visitors until further notice. We believe it is irresponsible to risk any infection within our small quarters and studios.

Over the next days and weeks we will formulate a plan to use our tools, technology and online resources to provide information; engage our members, particularly in ways they can be helpful; continue the expression of art, thoughts, and ideas; and connect our local community to each other and to the world. We welcome and will consider your thoughts and suggestions.

MATV/UMA staff will be working both remotely and on-site. We can be reached through email – [firstname] for individual staff or, phone message (781-321-6400) and via our social media sites.

We are in this together and hope to infuse some fun, humor, information, and creativity during this challenging time.

Please be well!

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