Current Exhibition

Current exhibition Carrefour / Crossroads has been extended to May 2020. Artist reception has been postponed – date TBD. This exhibition features photography and abstract works by versatile artist and photographer Nicolas Hyacinthe.

This exhibition highlights photographs that offer an introspective and artful lens to people and scenes from the every day in Haiti paired with the artists’ abstract creations.

Photography of Haitian Scenes

Artist Statement

I have a life- long passion for creative expression, artistic integrity, and visual meditation. My art relies on my unique experience as a Haitian immigrant who lived a significant portion of his life in America. My life’s converging of languages, cultures, landscapes, politics, and mediums have afforded me with a vast panorama of sources for inspiration and innovation. I am gifted with the ability and opportunity to produce bold images and compelling narratives that challenge viewers to discover the unexplored and delight in the beauty of our shared experiences. It is my wish that my art adds not only charm into one’s life, but that it creates a dialogue for our potential as a collective human race.


About Nicolas Hyancinthe

Born in Port- Au- Prince, Haiti, Nicolas Hyacinthe lives and works in the Boston area as filmmaker, photographer, and painter. Passionate about photography early on, Hyacinthe studied film production and photography at Emerson College. He draws inspiration from various sources and disciplines and creates at the intersection of culture, landscapes, and mediums.

Artist Reception | New Date TBD

Come view the artwork and enjoy a Haitian-themed buffet (which can serve as a light supper). Take part in a discussion with the artist who will also screen his short (5 min.) film “Homesick,” an atmospheric meditation on the beauty of life in Haiti, a country which is so often viewed in sorrowful or disparaging terms. 

Past Exhibitions

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