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An overview of our history, structure, services, and programs.  This presentation is open to anyone in the Malden community who wishes to be involved with MATV in any capacity.  The orientation is also a prerequisite for all of the MATV production courses.
Wednesday, June 5, 2019                                    6:30 – 8:00pm

No fee          Presenter: Anne D’Urso-Rose, Associate Director

Citizen Journalism – Open House

Learn about our “Neighborhood View” program
Wednesday, June 12, 7:00 – 8:30 PM – FREE EVENT
Register here.

You can become a citizen journalist! Come to MATV’s Neighborhood View Open House and learn how!

The demand for quality citizen journalism has never been greater. With the newspaper business struggling and local news sources disappearing, local citizen writers and reporters are stepping forward. Would you like to join their ranks? Meet the editor of Neighborhood View and talk to members of our citizen journalist team. Learn about the program and how you can become involved!

MATV’s Neighborhood View is a citizen journalism program in Malden that provides local coverage of issues and events and promotes civic involvement in the community. See our online publication at

Editor/Instructor Stephanie Schorow is a veteran journalist who has worked for the Boston Herald, the Boston Globe, the Associated Press and numerous publications, both print and online. She is a professional writing teacher at Regis College and has just published her eighth book on local Boston-area history. Stephanie also works part-time as MATV’s Neighborhood View coordinator. Visit

Register for this free event here.

Basic Portable Production (Camera & Editing)

Learn how to professionally shoot and edit your own videos. This class will cover the basics of portable camera operation using our professional Sony NX70U cameras, shooting technique and general pre-production planning. After each participant practices shooting their own footage, they will learn the basics of nonlinear editing with Final Cut Pro X software, including importing and organizing footage, selecting clips, timeline management, and adding transitions and titles. Additional editing training is available.

PREREQUISITE: Orientation.
Class size is 1- 4 participants.

Class currently available on request6:30 – 9:00pmFee: $35          Instructors: Guillermo Hamlin & James Mudge
To request a class, contact Anne at 

Intermediate – Final Cut X

The next in the editing workshop series, this two-session class will instruct participants in organizing clips and information; adding music and editing sound clips; using keyframes for motions such as zooming into clips; and other “beyond the basics” exploration of Final Cut X.  Participants will work on a guided project during the class and on their own time. PREREQUISITE: Basic Final Cut X (including certification)
Currently being scheduled on demand for individuals & small groups Flexible dates & times. Contact

Fee: $30          Instructor: James Mudge, Director of Programming & Production

Introduction to Podcasting

Audio-based programming known as podcasting has exploded in recent years as a way of communicating stories. Learn how you can create podcasts in this introductory course.  The first class will explain the difference between podcasting and broadcasting, explore different types of content, and discuss how to curate an interesting podcast. The second class will involve hands-on training with the MATV podcast studio and using the post-production editing software, Audacity (available as a free download), as well as finding copyright-free music. Student will create their own 3-minute podcasts. Students will share and critique their podcasts in the third class and the course will end with notes on regulation, distribution and syndication.
Class will begin in September, 2019 7:00 – 9:00pm

Fee: $40          Instructor: Heather McCormack

Instructor Heather McCormack is the Boston Free Radio Manager & the Youth Media Coordinator at Somerville Media Center. She is passionate about using the power of community media to engage all people in telling their stories, especially those that are traditionally underrepresented. She is also the producer of the podcast “Make it Stop,” reviewing the worst albums of all times (

Elements of Studio Production

Quiet on the set…and ACTION!  Learn the ins and outs of studio production in this four-part class that covers both the technical use of our state-of-the-art digital studio and the production planning needed to put together a studio-based program.  Students will learn all the various positions: camera, floor directing, audio, switching, media tech, lighting, graphics, and directing.  In the last session, students will put together and shoot a program to be shown on the channel.  By attending all four, you will become certified as an MATV Studio Producer and are encouraged to help out on ay studio production held at MATV.


Mondays & Thursdays,  April 22, 25, 29 & May 2 6:30 – 9:00pm

Fee: $40          Instructors: MATV staff