Notice… We are working on a new membership model coming soon!!!! If you want to become a member now, email

If you are nine years old or older and work or live in Malden or are affiliated with a Malden-based organization, you can enjoy the benefits of MATV membership. All members are part of our mailing list, including our twice-yearly newsletter and are eligible for select benefits and discounts.

Individual/Family Membership: You are eligible if you live or work in Malden. Membership includes access to a wide variety of workshops and state-of-the-art equipment and professional assistance from MATV staff. Members 18 years old and and older can vote on MATV business matters.

Organizational Membership: If you are a Malden-based organization, consider becoming and Organizational member. Enjoy all the individual membership privileges, plus training and support customized to your organization’s unique needs. Organizational members get one (1) vote per organization.

Sponsorship: Show your support for community media by becoming a Community or Business Partner. In addition to Organizational membership, partners are prominently recognized in promotional materials and MATV sponsored events.

Affiliate Membership: Want to support MATV but not interested in training or equipment? Don’t live or work in Malden but love MATV and want to stay connected? Become an Affiliate member to get all the latest news and receive select benefits and discounts.


Membership Fees:

Affiliate – $5
Individual – $25
Student and Seniors (55+) – $10
Family – $25 for 1st person / $5 for each additional person.
Organizational – $50 + $10 for each member in the organization.
Special discount rate – $10 (for class promotions. Indicate the class promotion in the “Notes” section.)

Download Form (PDF)

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