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Emmie Galler, Business Development/Strategy Consultant

Emmie Galler is a California girl who spent the last five years in Boston. She completed her bachelor’s degree at Northeastern University in May 2020, where she studied Business Administration and Political Science. Emmie is moving to Chicago this summer to start her career as a software consultant at IBM. In her free time Emmie enjoys music and the arts, spending time outdoors and watching documentaries about different cultures around the world.


We are so grateful to our interns. They bring spirit, skill, creativity, and a wonderful energy to the UMA/MATV community and work.

Jayana Burdine, a resident of Malden, is a recent high school graduate of Malden High School. She’s passionate about using her communication skills to be able to connect and reach out to her community. 

Sophie Carleton, a resident of Boston, is a film/video student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She loves inspiring others to create art.  

Amanda DeRosa is a graduate student at the Simmons University School of Information and Library Science. She gained her undergraduate degree in English at Salem State University, with a personal interest in Shakespeare and mythological literature. Amanda enjoys reading and writing, hiking and exploring, and practicing still film photography.

Amanda Hurley is a Malden resident currently finishing a certificate degree in Broadcast Media Technology. She holds BA in theater and has dabbled in many genres, from comedy, to drama, to puppetry. Pre-Corona she was a teaching artist at a Malden after-school and a production intern with Disney Studios. These days she intern at MATV and also volunteers her time delivering meals and tutoring and teaching workshops virtually. She lives with her husband Jeff and zebra finches, Skinny and Gwen. Interest include music, filmmaking, theater, ukulele and amateur birdwatching. 

Jonathan Guzman is a Junior at Emerson College currently studying Media Arts Production, specializing in film and television production. He is interested in post production work and animation and will graduate
May 2022.

Sky Malerba is an incoming senior at Massachusetts College of Art and Design studying for an Animation major and a Creative Writing Minor with a children’s book and a novel in the works. She is also an illustrator both with digital and traditional media. 

Avion Katisho Manong a resident of Malden, who recently moved from South Africa to the USA, is a freelancer. She aspires to use media as a voice. 

Imani Mckisson is an Undergraduate student at Emerson College for Bachelors of Arts specializing in Media Arts Production

Kamila Rodrigues, from Brazil and who also lived in Portugal, is a 2018 graduate from UMass Amherst. She double majored in Communication and Portuguese. She freelances as a production assistant. Her goal in life is to tell stories. 

Nigel Taylor, a resident of Malden, is an incoming PhD student at the University of Kentucky. He’s passionate about using media to empower others. 

Allie Thompson, originally from Freehold New Jersey, is an incoming junior at Emerson College. She is majoring in Visual Media Arts Production and minoring in Psychology. 

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