MATV, Malden’s Media Center is a non-profit media maker space that receives our primary funding through contracts negotiated between our current cable providers and the City of Malden, MA.

This allows us to operate 3 noncommercial, cable television channels

Comcast Ch 3, Verizon 28  Public Access Programming – features original, volunteer and professionally produced programming from Malden and other surrounding communities as well as from across the nation.

Comcast Ch 15, Verizon Ch 24   Educational Access Programming – features educational and student sports programming produced by Malden youth, from both public and private schools, as well as city and state organizations.

Comcast Ch 22, Verizon Ch 26  Government Access Programming – features political and relevant issue-based programming, as well as Malden city government meetings and local election coverage.

However, as viewers drop their cable subscriptions and begin watching their entertainment and/or news on alternative sources such as smartphones, computers and tablets, our funding becomes adversely affected. MATV has responded by branching out into online radio/podcasting, community journalism, and toward an eventual move from 145 Pleasant St. We wish to collaborate with the City of Malden, its local arts & business community towards meeting the needs of the community through media creation.

More than ever, we need the support of our community to allow us to maintain and expand the vision of MATV. Please click on our Donate button and continue allowing us to cover your city council meetings, school closings, & to cover events such as the Malden vs. Medford Thanksgiving game, and more. While




More information on how Public Franchise Agreements work, please read this article by The Colorado Sun.

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