Arts & Culture in Malden

MATV is helping to activate the creative economy of Malden by providing a platform of arts & culture information exchange and collaboration.

In addition to bringing people together for various focus groups, MATV provides information as follows:

  • Links to key Malden resources pertaining to arts, culture, and creative businesses
  • Working lists of cultural spaces to be vetted for exhibition, event, and performance use
  • Arts engagement ideas for developers, employers, and business owners of Malden
  • Access to recordings of past arts/culture planning events hosted/co-hosted by MATV


The history of this particular communication initiative related to the arts and culture scene (referred to interchangeably as the Creative Economy) of Malden began with MATV’s participation in a popup local artist market place. This led to an arts and culture visioning meeting, an arts/culture panel discussion, an Arts & Culture Summit March 2019, and most recently a reception “Activating the Creative Economy of Malden” that launched a series of focus groups aimed at helping to activate more cultural spaces, happenings, and business.

Got Ideas?

We are interested in your ideas about how to activate our Creative Economy. We will aggregate these ideas, share them, and build on them.

Image credits: Wood bowls of Stephen Maurer; Prateek Poddar, Rachel Marie, and Molly Pinto Madigan – The Gallery Performance Series; traditional dance at Filipino Festival Malden; Malden Catholic School for Girls Art Gallery; Artist and designer Grace Julian Murthy painting a switchbox

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