Councillor-at-Large Forum

Thursday, October 10 6:30 – 8:30PM
Live coverage of the City Councillor-at-Large Forum for Election 2019

at the John & Christina Markey Senior Community Center
7 Washington Street, Malden
MATV Presents…a forum for the candidates for City Councillor-at-Large: incumbents Craig Spadafora, Debbie DeMaria, and Steve Winslow, and challenger Jerry Leone.
Government Affairs Coordinator Guillermo Hamlin moderates a forum with a panel representing various interest groups in Malden.
How to watch:
The forum will be carried LIVE on MATV’s Government Access Channel & Educational Access Channel (Comcast channels 15 & 22, Verizon channels 24 & 26). They will also be live streamed on our City Stream ( and on YouTube Live (maldenaccesssmatv). All forums will be available afterwards on the cable channels, on our Video-on-Demand (, and on our YouTube channel.
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