Media Requests

Requests for Business or Community Partner, Malden School, or Government Events

If you represent a Malden school, city or state government, or are a business or community partner, we are happy to assist you in covering your event. Please submit the Media Request Form below at least three weeks prior to the event. If any later, we cannot guarantee coverage. We also ask for as much accurate detail about the event itself, including location, date, time, agenda, people involved, etc.. provided in the Media Request Form. We will not accept email requests.

Once we receive the form, you will receive automatic confirmation by email, sent to the requester email. Three business days following, you will receive an email confirming MATV’s availability for coverage. MATV may require more time to secure a crew, but you will at least receive an update with an indication of what is feasible.

All Other Requests

If you are not a partner or school or government, we still may be able to assist if given ample notice, if the event is offered to the Malden community, and if we have enough staff or volunteers available.

Events we will cover only on a fee for service basis. [For details about MATV Pro Services, please contact]

  • Events held to generate profit for a particular business
  • For-profit promotional events
  • Events outside of Malden
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