David Arteaga Quartet


David Arteaga Quartet with Utar Artun, piano; Giuseppe Paradiso, drums; Max Ridley, bass; David Arteaga, tenor saxophone.

DAQ – David Arteaga Quartet plays Jazz with energy, subtlety and joy, exploring endless possibilities of improvisational invention, while never losing track of the fundamentals of singing melody, engaging harmony + compelling rhythmic groove that make music satisfying and fun to listen to.

David is a prolific composer; listeners have often commented that his tunes sound akin to standards in terms of memorable melodic themes, and forms that follow a narrative arc. The group also loves and delights in playing the venerable standards of Jazz, always reaching for fresh interpretations that re-imagine the familiar, while striving to stay connected to the soul of the tune, and the way that these beloved melodies invite the listener in.”

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