Edit Suites

1-1100x350The MATV facility is centrally located in downtown Malden Square at 145 Pleasant St. Full front windows allow a view for passers-by into the front lobby, master control, and the main studio – often busy day and night with community TV productions, classes, and meetings. The main floor is wheelchair accessible and all programs/activities can be provided on this floor to our patrons with physical disabilities. Besides our staff offices and front lobby, the 7200 square foot facility also includes the MATV Gallery, an art exhibition space located in our main hallway and back conference area.

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Edit Suites
24155165153_a3deff7ded_kMATV has 4 editing stations inside of 2 edit suites All of the edit stations are equipped with Final Cut Pro 4 with LiveType and Soundtrack. All the edit stations also include Apple iMovie HD w/GarageBand; and Adobe Photoshop. Members have the ability to store their projects on MATV Portable Hard Drives.

  • Edit Station 1a – Apple PowerMac G5 Tower w/dual monitors, JVC NTSC monitor, Panasonic SR-VS30 miniDV/SVHS dual deck, Samsung SAM DVD-R120 DVD Recorder.
  • Edit Stations 1b and 2a – Apple iMac G5. JVC NTSC monitor, Panasonic SR-VS30 miniDV/SVHS dual deck, Samsung SAM DVD-R120 DVD Recorder.

Portable Equipment

MATV has 2 different types of digital camcorders for membership usage and included are lightweight tripods for the Sony palmcorders and heavy-duty tripods for the Sony camcorders. Shotgun, handheld, and lavalier wired and wireless microphones are also available to members as well as headsets and light kits which can be reserved along with additional accessories.

  • Sony XR-260V are 3-chip palmcorders that are reserved for beginners; all introductory portable production courses utilize these cameras.
  • Sony NX-70U0 are 3-chip camcorders reserved for advanced members; a special one-evening course is offered to members with advanced skills.

Master Control

Master Control gives MATV the ability for accurate and expanded automatic playback of programming 24 hours per day over MATV P.E.G. channels for subscribers of cable TV service from COMCAST Cable and Verizon Televison service.  Malden Access Television uses the Princeton TelVue Server for playback of all programming aired  on our PEG channels. Master control also includes three computers that run electronic bulletin boards with community information and news over the Public Access Channel, Educational Access Channel and the Government Access Channel, all 24 hours a day and in-between programming.