NOTE: this is just a mockup/test. Verbiage will have to be refined.

Urban Media Arts (UMA) wants to give you a voice and a platform to share your idea, creation, story, or skill. We invite you to embark on a journey that enables you to create or help create content: film, video, podcast, journalistic article, etc. By your contribution, whether volunteering or creating, you help UMA showcase the unfolding story of a very unique and diverse community.

Let us help you start your journey. Become a member today [link to form]. Benefits and cost vary according to your interest.


Karen Doe quickly learned to run camera and now regularly crews for the John Doe weekly talk show [click for the story] – maybe we would ask members to write up their experience over time and have a catalogue of stories to draw from.

$1 or as much as you are willing to pay

For as little as $1 or what you are willing to pay, basic membership benefits allow you access to support from staff and members, equipment, discounts on some workshops and events, and a library of music for production use.

Who best for:

Interested in dabbling with production and/or independent enough to figure things out with just a little support. Or more interested in supporting someone else’s project as volunteer crew.

Roll out December


​This is Ezra Klein, He has learned to produce his own news podcast show, covering local and national stories important to digest.

$45 per year??

Start or continue your own podcast with some basic podcast training, access to the xxxx podcast suite that is easy to use and reliable, a spot on the podcast platform, and monthly podcast roundtables.

Who best for:

Someone already podcasting or interested in starting a podcast.

Roll out 2021


Stephen Warrington started out hosting a talk show, “Let’s Talk About it”. He is now interested in documentary making and is currently working on a Juneteenth historical reflection documentary.

$50 per year??

For those more serious about growing their media skills with more hands-on support and access to expertise, join UMA and benefit from discounts on advanced training courses, 1/1 with professional media makers on a regular basis, hands on help to support your project planning and development, and access to a roster of competent volunteers and interns.

Who best for:

Someone with a serious interest in producing a high quality production requiring hands-on help and guidance.

Roll out later 2021

NOTE: for the record this is a draft for membership development purposes only. For future, another membership, “professional membership” could come later when we are ready.


Rajid Forma is a filmmaker residing in Malden. he produces films about refugees and runs a regular filmmaking workshop for troubled youth. His journey with UMA has enabled him to connect with multiple nonprofit organizations as well as youth interested in pursuing film. He has screened his films many times and uses the Studio ! regularly for his recorded master classes.


Professional content creators receive access to regular media networking workshops, screening opportunities, access to studio recording equipment, studio space, lighting, and expert roundtables on a monthly basis. Listings in professional media directory with access to media project needs through the UMA job board and directory.

Who best for:

Trained or skilled professionals in the fields of photography, filmmaking, video recording, sound recording, podcasting, graphic design, acting, voice overs.

Roll out when we are ready. 😉 later 2021 or…??

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