Spring Interns 2019

MATV Interns for Spring 2019


My name is Ricky, I am a Senior student at Emerson and I’m a VMA student, specialized in Directing and Cinematography. I love films and music. I’m also a photographer who loves traveling and recording life. I’m so glad that I can work in MATV!

Diti Kohli is a freshman journalism major at Emerson College. Currently, in addition to interning at MATV, she is the deputy opinion editor at The Berkeley Beacon and a staff writer at multiple on-campus magazines. Kohli is originally from Naperville, Illinois.

Marcel-Truong Chen

I am a first year student with sophomore standing at Emerson College and am studying film production. I have a specific interest in cinematography and have had most experience with both lighting and camera departments. Two of my favorite films are The Revenant for it’s cinematography and Paris, je t’aime for its collection of wonderful short vignettes.