Logo Design Contest

Would you like to create a logo for our new name? Submit up to three designs for our logo design contest. Publicity and financial awards will be given to winner. Deadline for submissions is 11:59pm, November 30. 

UMA (Urban Media Arts) is the new name for MATV, Malden’s Media Center, reflecting a broader focus beyond television. As we transition to our new brand and identity, we invite the community into the process by participating in a Logo Design contest. Anyone from the local or design community is invited to submit up to three designs. Submissions are due November 30, 2019.

Participants in the Logo Design Contest are asked to translate the organization’s culture, mission, vision, and offerings into a compelling design that conveys the essence of what UMA (formerly MATV) is about: community connection through education, arts, and media.

Since its establishment in 1988, MATV has existed to empower and engage community by providing a platform for expressing talent, providing information, or sharing a point of view. The initial platform was television and the reach was limited to Malden, MA.

With emerging technologies, UMA has expanded its offerings to include new platforms which offer new forms of expression and civic engagement, and expand its reach beyond Malden to the region and even the  world: education, citizen journalism, podcasting, video production, and  arts & culture programming.

UMA believes media, education, and the arts are meaningful platforms of creative expression and free speech that connect individuals across distance, culture, age, viewpoint, and race. Our mission is to facilitate these platforms, and promote and support their use in Malden, the region, and the world.

Rules, guidelines and prize information for this contest can be found here.


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