Understanding Net Neutrality

Understanding Net Neutrality and the Future of Our Internet

March 29th 7pm-8:30pm

Beyond Boston – Regional News Show presents…. Understanding Net Neutrality and the Future of Our Internet: A Panel Discussion & Q and A.

It is no surprise that a free, open, and accessible internet is vital to our modern democracy. To ensure such protections, net neutrality rules were created to make sure all internet traffic is treated equally and enables freedom of the press, expression, and speech in the digital age. Despite the clear importance of net neutrality, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to eliminate net neutrality and change the way Americans access the internet.

We invite the public to attend this panel discussion to learn more about Net Neutrality, our Internet future and what efforts are taking place to fight against this war on information access.


Jason Pramas
Executive Editor, DigBoston
Network Director, Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism

Guillermo Hamlin
Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, MATV Malden’s Media Center
Clerk, Somerville Media Center


Evan Greer, Campaign Director, Fight For The Future
Jordan Berg Powers, Executive Director, Mass Alliance
Cara Lisa Berg Powers, Executive Director, Transformative Culture Project
Representative Michael E. Capuano

Malden Senior Community Center 7 Washington St, Malden, Massachusetts 02148