Anyone who lives, works, or belongs to an organization in Malden can join MATV, take classes, and participate in Malden’s Media Center. There are also opportunities for anyone to become involved at MATV. Below details other opportunities for volunteers, interns, and freelancers.



An MATV intern works alongside MATV staff and volunteer producers to further our mission of Building Community Through Media. There exists a wide range of opportunities for interested students enrolled at a college or university. Qualified and trained interns can produce programming, work as a technical crewperson, teach young people or community volunteers, do outreach and promotion, work on our web page, teach basic computer skills, and/or help in day-to-day operations. Interns, for example, might work closely with community schools, local government, an arts program, a local housing project, or a senior center. At any one time, there are a myriad of projects and programs that demonstrate MATV’s commitment to serving the local community through the use of electronic media.
An initial interview can determine the department or role the intern is best suited for, based on skills and areas of interest. Interns must commit to a regular work schedule to be determined in the interview. MATV will provide additional training that is deemed necessary for the intern to perform the specific role. The intern will be assigned to one MATV staffperson for direction and supervision.
The key qualifications for an MATV intern are an appreciation for the diverse community we serve and an ability to take initiative in different kinds of situations. Previously acquired skills in media production are very helpful. To apply for an MATV internship, send your resume and cover letter to Ron Cox, MATV Executive Director or e-mail ron@matv.org. The cover letter should include your goals and desired time frame for the internship, an overview of your skills and current qualifications, and a stated interest in a particular program, project, or role. Applications are reviewed on a continuing basis.



From time to time, we have hosted a video artist or producer who does not meet our membership requirements but is willing to work with the local community to share his/her skills, and produce video programs that feature and benefit the Malden community. A producer-in-residence can be associated with a school, a grant-funded program, or simply be a volunteer wishing to gain more experience using his/her media production talents. To apply for a Producer-in-Residence, you can download an application form here.



Malden Access Television relies heavily on its dedicated volunteers who help to keep the facility and organization running smoothly and effectively. MATV is a great place to meet new people and be involved in a vibrant community center.

Our entire membership generally volunteers as community producers and/or “task” volunteers. Task volunteers help with tasks such as front desk coverage, administrative work, computer word processing, and facility maintenance. Training for higher skilled tasks such as technical maintenance and creating computer graphics for our electronic bulletin boards can also be provided, if basic skills and a commitment are demonstrated. Our task volunteers are highly valued and are overseen by our Programming/Volunteer Coordinator James Mudge. If you are interested in becoming a task volunteer, please contact Programming/Volunteer Coordinator James Mudge at (781) 321-6400. (Membership eligibility not required.)


Freelance Opportunities

MATV seeks freelance media professionals to teach specialized media production workshops that go beyond the basics of making a video program. In the past, freelance professionals have offered courses in Documentary Video Production, Interviewing Styles & Techniques, Experimental Video Art, Advanced Lighting Techniques, and Computer Animation. If you are interested in offering a course at MATV, please send a cover letter, resume, and course proposal to Anne D’Urso-Rose, MATV Assistant Director. For inquiries, you can email Anne at anne@matv.org. We must have a minimum number of registrants in order to run any course.

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