The UMA/MATV Gallery is a community-centered art exhibition space located at Malden Access Television. The Gallery encourages, supports, and promotes the work of local artists in Malden and surrounding communities. Already a vibrant community media center with extensive hours open to the public, MATV is an excellent venue for local artists to exhibit their work, and an accessible venue for art appreciators.

UMA/MATV features local artists in the Studio Gallery every 2-3 months. In this Pandemic, the physical gallery is not accessible to the public. However, to feature the current exhibition of artworks of Nicolas Hyacinthe, Carrefour / Crossroads, we will offer a virtual reception and exhibition June 18, 2020 at 8pm.

Virtual Artist Reception TBD in July or early August. Click for details and to register

If you are interested in showing your artwork, please contact Anne D’Urso-Rose, curator of the MATV/UMA gallery.

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